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[flash] Dino Road
<IMG src="http://calvinlesko.com/GFX/LetterBox-324x200.png">[img]<URL url="http://calvinlesko.com/GFX/LetterBox-324x200.png">http://calvinlesko.com/GFX/LetterBox-324x200.png</URL>[/img]</IMG>
<SIZE size="150"><URL url="https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714710">Play Dino Road on Newgrounds</URL></SIZE>
<SIZE size="150"><URL url="https://armorgames.com/play/18407/dino-road">Play Dino Road on Armor Games</URL></SIZE>

<I>Dino Road is a throwback to the era of cheesy SNES action games. Cruise through three worlds to stop the evil Ziggurat Prophet from bringing down the meteor of the dinosaur apocalypse. Master the gear-shifting combo system and arm yourself with the deadliest weapons and vehicles money can buy. Tear up waves of bikers, bombers, mean-muggin’ tattooed fish, golden laser bulls, and armored cars while rocking out to a radical retro soundtrack.</I>

Hey folks! SuperWerer invited me to share my game here. This is my first time releasing an indie game publicly. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. My main interest is composing music for games, and Dino Road's soundtrack is inspired by Mega Man X3 and uses the same soundfonts. Please feel free to leave a rating/review on Newgrounds or some feedback here.

If you're looking for a composer for your game, I'd love to take a look at what you're working on. I have samples of other genres of game music <COLOR color="#0000FF"><URL url="http://calvinlesko.com/Music.html">at my website</URL></COLOR> if you want to check them out.
Hey, welcome! I don't review too many games, but I would like to! I love the 8bit rock 'n' roll, I never played X3 specifically but I did play the first X and some other games in the main franchise. It sounds good. I like the graphics, and I think they're appropriate. I thought it was funny to see meteors in the background of the intro level. I'm not a gamer like I used to be, and I am using a laptop's mouse, but I found 1-2 to already be very difficult and overwhelming at times with the amount of enemies on screen and the speed. The whole upgrade shop looks like great btw! I like the tank enemies, they're hard but I think they're fun. It was difficult for me to collect the coins sometimes, especially if I was in a bad position and would need to slow down. I tried, but the "reversing" is not enough speed to go back and get the coins. Funny enough, this whole thing reminds me of Mad Max haha. The third level was really difficult with that purple tank, but after the third try I got it haha. It's fun to get progressively more powerful. I'm not going to finish this game, and this is all the feedback I have for you right now. If I play more and have more to say I'll either edit this post if I think you haven't seen it yet, or I will just post below.
Thanks for sharing!
<B>|</B><URL url="https://soundcloud.com/mutant_christ">My Primary Soundcloud</URL> <COLOR color="#000000"><B>|||</B></COLOR> <URL url="https://soundcloud.com/gravaged2">My Secondary Soundcloud</URL><B>|</B>
If you have any questions or need to contact me, email <EMAIL email="gravaged@superwerer.com">gravaged@superwerer.com</EMAIL>
Thanks for trying it out and taking the time to leave your thoughts! Yes, it was a bit of a passion project, and I didn't even think of how difficult the touch pad is compared to a mouse until the game was almost finished. I wish there was an easy way to fix it so the aiming was more responsive for touch pads, but I'll carry that lesson to my next game. I was totally going for a Mad Max vibe, so I'm glad you said that! The early comments on Armor Games tore it apart, but I learned a lot and made some important updates to improve it. So I'm glad to hear you had some fun with it Smile Thanks again!

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