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The Sword in the Stone Flipper
<IMG src="https://image.ibb.co/npEBW8/Capture.png">[img]<URL url="https://image.ibb.co/npEBW8/Capture.png">https://image.ibb.co/npEBW8/Capture.png</URL>[/img]</IMG>
<SIZE size="150"><URL url="https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/714747">Play The Sword in the Stone Flipper in Newgrounds</URL></SIZE>

I just released my first game last weekend in Newgrounds and I'm looking for feedback so I can make it better and so I can make better games in the future.
Goal is to flip the sword by swiping with your mouse (Drag and release) and to land it head first.
Stay on the rock!

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