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Important info for SoundCloud users!
For unknown reasons, SoundCloud has chosen to blacklist our domain. We are waiting for their response to fix this, because the blacklisting is specifically used for malicious sites, which we are not.

What this means, is that if you send a message within soundcloud, and that message contains a link to this forum, your account will be permanently deleted with no warning, and their customer support is very slow, so you will most likely not get i back after at least a couple of days. So, if you are going to invite someone to our community, and you are using soundcloud, <COLOR color="#BF0000">DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY HERE FROM A SOUNDCLOUD MESSAGE</COLOR>, instead you can link to our discord server and from there introduce them to the forums.

I hope this announcement will reduce the number of people who will have to go through the hell of having your account deleted.
<I>Thank you for your attention.</I>
[Image: GFBF9Xv.png]

John Chord never forgets.


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