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[Album] Hope and Despair
<IMG src="http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180804/ln7zlgnw.jpg">[img]<URL url="http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180804/ln7zlgnw.jpg">http://fs5.directupload.net/images/180804/ln7zlgnw.jpg</URL>[/img]</IMG>

I've recently released an album called "Hope and Despair" that consists of two sides: One cheerful, electronic and hopeful and one dramatic, organic and despair inducing.

I wasn't quite sure which category to post this under since this album has a bit of everything ^^ The Hope part is mostly electronic with, for example, a Future Bass track and one that emulates a GameBoy typical sound while the Despair part has a gamelan and a choral piece, so I settled with experimental.

The album is out on all kinds of platforms, which is why I made a link hub so you can choose the service you're most comfortable with: <URL url="https://fanlink.to/HopeAndDespair">https://fanlink.to/HopeAndDespair</URL>

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
really good stuff wish the despair side was longer Smile, really good stuff and tracks that enjoy the most are Hope, Scissors and Needles. Which plug in did you use on the choir?
really calming stuff, right now i am sick and bound to bed and i can't listen to most of music because it makes my head hurt more but this i could get through
<QUOTE author="JacentHill" post_id="5955" time="1534869285" user_id="786">
JacentHill post_id=5955 time=1534869285 user_id=786 Wrote:really good stuff wish the despair side was longer Smile, really good stuff and tracks that enjoy the most are Hope, Scissors and Needles. Which plug in did you use on the choir?
really calming stuff, right now i am sick and bound to bed and i can't listen to most of music because it makes my head hurt more but this i could get through

Thank you! The one I used for Needles is the "Hollywood Choirs" VST by East West: <URL url="http://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-choirs">http://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-choirs</URL>
<URL url="https://tim-reichert.com">https://tim-reichert.com</URL>
HOPE! DESPAIR! I cant wait to dive into this one!Cover art is really cool!

I like the nice hopeful sounding piano. Good way to start the hopeful side!

Ok! I love that intro! Very clever. "Soda" then the sound of a soda opening. I love the beat. OMG! That VOICE! i normally hate rap, but this. I love this. That voice sounds so smooth. And the other singer, sounds so amazing, and adorable! This song is amazing. I might listen to this every day. Liked and favorite that. I gotta say. I am already obsessed with this album. And im only on the first song. I cant find any thing to be picky with on this. :lol:

3. Cotton candy
Im already bobbing my head to the beat. It sounds so cool. The vibe it gives is nice and chill. I like the way you introduce new instruments. You do it very smoothly and seem to have near perfect timing. The piano is beutiful. I like those cheerful keys at 1:14. It just screams fun and happiness. Overall, well made, love what you did with this one. Its musical gold!

4. CupCakes
I like how this one starts. It reminds me of a retro video game. This song makes me feel like im at a birthday party playing on an old arcade macheine. Its beat is very nice and its overall sound makes me very happy. The bit tune sound is well crafted. Good job with this one. Parts of it sorta sound like it has underlying themes of dispair hidden among the hopeful sound the song displays. For example at, 50 seconds where it drops into this dark corner for a second. Liked this one a lot! gg

Oh boy. i can tell with this piano solo, in this section, im either gonna get hit with the feels cannon, and be super amazed, or im gonna be speechless from how much i like it, considering how much i like dark atmospheres. Either way, its a win win, cause so far this album is fantastic.

6. Knifes
Well, with a name like that, how will i get cut. Liked the intro. The choir sounds really cool. I like the violin you introduce. The sounds in the background make it seem like some one is walking down a long all. The choir that enters at 1:10 is horrifying. It builds this suspence of eminent despair. I like this one a lot. The part at 2:11 brings such a weird feeling of excepting the fate which is about to come to you. It sounds like the last of hope one will feel before the end. Over all, i liked it a whole lot. Very cool!

7. scissors
Fun fact. I used to cary around scissors for incase of emergency self defense rather then one of my many better choices.The way you started it was very well crafted. This song sounds very eiry. I like it a lot, being a huge fan of horror themes, i can say this was very well executed.. The way it sounds almost childish and starts getting faster at 1:30 is so cool. It sounds so cool, and very ominous. I love this piece a lot. This one is probably my favorite of the despair section just because how much it makes me giggle with joy while listening to it.

8. Needles
It opens up with this beutifu choir, that sounds like somthing you would hear at someones funeral. It also vaugly sounds like what would play when your watching your home, or your city being burned down, and your on your knees, feeling powerless, as their is nothing you can do about this despair. You see bodies of neighbors. Freinds. Family. The flames have consumed your world, but left you to bare the pain of the hell that is now the world which you live in, alone, missing every thing you once had.
Ok, that just came out uncontrolibly, but the fact that your song made my mind write that dark af discription is very good. That just means your song is perfect!

I loved this album. It took many turns i didn't expect. I do wish that their was one more song for despair, but i feel like its fine, considering hope triumphs over despair so it makes sense. Maybe thats a metaphor you planned? :o I feel like this album told a lovely story listening through it. As if each song went into the next one as the next chapter. Well crafted. Every song is in my favorites now, gonna listen to them a lot, im a fan now xD
Cant wait to see more from you in the future! Fantastic work! :lol:
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imma go track by track here with my general impressions, criticisms and the such

1. Hope
- Really like the instrumentation on this one, it definatley gives the feeling of both hope and despair at the same time. A great way to start it off, personally myself I would've had it fade it but fades aren't for everyone.

2. Soda
- I really like the happy, upbeat instrumental on this one, gives me a kinda Demondice feel. I also really like how it starts off with the can opening sound effect and robotic vocals, gives it a sense of uniqueness and changes up the pace for the better. It works really well with (who I'm assuming is Reichuu's) anime-girl-esc vocals as a feature, who does a phenomenal job, might I just add. I think you're delivery is a bit off, but it seems to be you're first real project, and for the first project it's really good. I remember my first album I made was garbage, so props to you for being able to come out swinging. I also really like the instrumental breaks, helps it from getting repetitive with the vocals. It also ended in a good way.

3.Cotton Candy
- I really dig this track, it switches up enough to not make it repetitive but not too much where it just feels like two different songs put together and called one. It gives me a sorta retro video game vibe, but in a more modernized way and it's unlike anything I've ever heard. I especially liked the parts around 1:16 and 2:34. I don't really have much to say about this one because I'm not really experienced in reviewing experimental records, but I don't really have any negatives for this track.

4. Cupcakes
- This one also gives me an old school video game soundtrack vibe, but I like the way the drums are mixed in to give it a modernistic vibe, really sets it apart from other music like it. Out of all the songs on the Hope side, I'd say this is probably the weakest though. It's not really as creative and vibrant as Cotton Candy, or as upbeat as Soda.

5. Despair
- The 2nd half starts off pretty solid with the dramatic piano chords, definatley gives a feeling of despair for sure. Not a lot to say since it's fairly short.

6. Knives
- Wow. Just wow. The way it starts off then with the choir vocals, is just amazing. I always loves choir vocals in songs, and that one is no different. The strings on this track are also really solid, and I like that they don't clash with the vocals for your attention and they're played seperatley. The 1/3 way through vocals are also pretty tight, not sure what it is about big group vocals that I love so much but this track captures what that is. I also dig the way it sounds over near the end, plus the way it end off after after all that build up and just goes completely chill. It was dope.

7. Scissors
- This track gives me a kinda tribal feeling, like I'm witnessing a tribal group doing a ritual to summon a god or something. I like the slow build up that speeds up and then finally kicks in for the intense part where there tribe is just seconds away from summoning whatever god it is, and then finally the track ends and their god has arrived. The instrumentation really blends together well, nothing really feels out of place or alien. Everything feels like it fits in like a musical puzzle. The one piece of criticism would be to make them have more a punch to them, really give the instruments a kick cause they seems to be lacking that.

8. Needles
- I like how it starts of with the plain choir vocals, it feels like it's leading up to something big that's about to happen. Although they don't really build up to anything. As much as I said I like big group choir vocals, they don't always work well when not put with anything, this is probably my least favorite track off the whole project. It doesn't make me feel like I'm in despair, it just kinda feels like a build up to something than never delivers. I think it would be better if it was just like 30 seconds of vocal build up and then just an intense dope instrumental to finish off this album.

Overall thoughts: I had a good listening experience, minus a spotify ad here or there but overall I think for a first time project it was pretty solid. I think I'm gonna have to give it a solid 7/10, just felt like some of the tracks didn't quite hit their mark. Started off well but started to slightly go downhill, especially on the final track. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion and you should make whatever you think is good. I think you overall made a solid experimental/instrumental album with a few duds here and there.

Favorite Tracks: Soda, Hope, Cotton Candy, Knifes & Scissors.

Least Favorite Tracks: Needles, Despair & Cupcakes.
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