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SwDp/ SwWc status
Hello everyone, itsa me. Slyth. Just as a clarification on my acronyms.
SwDp= SuperWerer dance party
SwWc= SuperWerer WebComic

It is currently still around 20% complete. Its taking a bit long then anticipated to make and finding times to sit down and animate is sometimes more difficult then it should be. I originally expected to have it done by the end of augest, however it is looking like it might take a tiny bit longer. Animation streams will still happen every now and then, i might consider having planned scheduled streams on (insert day here) But at the moment it will be at random.

I will say, boom and i have sat down and thought of ideas and came up with a plan for the first two chapters of the comic. I have finished drawling the base of the comics cover art, it just needs to be completed by coloring and outlineing and it will be a bit. The first 3 pages have also been drawn, same thing with the cover art though. its gotta be colored and have the dialogue typed. I decided the comic will be in my semi manga like style. The overall theme is gonna be action, and comedy. As for the actual plot outline of the universe, it will be released in the lore section with the finished cover art. Till then, the setting and everything of the comic will remain a mystery.

Welp, i just wanted to write that so yall know the current status of the two projects boom and i are working on. More updates and "blogs" to come soon.

I wont be able to write as many review as i did the other day, because as fun as that was, it put a massive dent in the progress of all my projects. I got a folder currently full of about 20 songs and artworks i plan on reviewing, which i plan on getting to, because i love the songs and artistic talent the people on this sight have. Especially The Lo-Fi part. Lo-fi songs are the best!

And thats everything! See ya! Bwahahahah!
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Oh boy, what has Gravaged gotten himself into now?
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If you have any questions or need to contact me, email <EMAIL email="gravaged@superwerer.com">gravaged@superwerer.com</EMAIL>
I'm pretty excited! Big Grin Can't wait for it to come out
I need pancakes...

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