[Sell] Boom's bargains

You can buy and sell stuff here with forum points!
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[Sell] Boom's bargains

Post by boomflargadude » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:44 pm

Welcome to the shop, here is your reference sheet. 8-)
Make an O.C. for SuperWerer- [ free ] :mrgreen:

Action picture (anything that is more than your character doing nothing in particular)- [200 points]

Really big request (This would be things such as a group of people fighting a huge monster, or something really dramatic with a destroyed city in the background,overall it is anything that is fairly complex [500 points] base people I will add is 4 [100 per additional character] I will not up charge for backgrounds or specifics. 8-)

Gargantuan Ultimax (This is a picture that will have full detail on everything including Coloring, background, shading, dialogue, and any specifications desired) [800 points] there is no character limit for this :twisted:
:!: Additional things :!:

Coloring- [100 points]

dialogue-[50 points]

shading- [50 points]
:?: Strange selections :?:

A digital picture (if you are looking for an interesting look, this is for you)- [150 points] free coloring and background :mrgreen:

Pixel portrait (self explanatory)- [100 points]free coloring and background :mrgreen:

??? (even I don't know, but one day someone will try it out)- [50 points] free additional things :?:
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Post by Slythpaw » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:56 pm

Boom, im gonna buy shtuff ^^

[buy] (action pic) 200 points
-Draw my Sw Oc x3
[buy] (pixel portrait) 100 points
- also my sw oc, that way i can make it my profile pic on discord x3
Subscribe so i can buy more cookies...

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Post by TheRightJelly » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:03 am

[buy (Pixel Portrait) 200p
-Just make a pixel jellyfish with a Top-Hat and a Monicle :mrgreen: Thanks!
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