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The Portal - Host your games on SuperWerer!

Post by SuperWerer » Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:22 am

As with the new update of Werer 2.0 you can now have your games hosted on SuperWerer! The Portal strives to be a platform in which game developers can have their games uploaded for free and for users to find genuine indie games - for free!

We provide:

- Unique pages on SuperWerer to host your game
- Non-intrusive ads to monetize your work while you get an amazing 90% share of the revenue
- Advanced customization options for your game's page
- Quick e-mail support for potential problems/concerns/questions
- A healthy independent environment to share your work
- A whole sub-forum for your developer and game's needs!

Furthermore we will try as much as we can to promote your game and help you reach hundreds/thousands of plays on it to lift the promotion burden from your shoulders - With leaving you more time to spend into doing what you love - developing free indie games!


- A game (Meaning there must be some sort of user interaction)
- It must be free to play
- No commercial sponsorships

The game can be a WIP/Alpha/Beta or a full release - you can send us an update anytime you wish! Since you will be getting a sub-forum of your own for your game, you can use that as a place to post your game's change logs.

How to submit a game or How to submit a new version of the game:

Send me an e-mail at with the following text and filled out brackets!

Hey there SuperWerer Team,

With this e-mail I give you permission to host my game [Game's title] - [Game's Genre] on the SuperWerer website (

I am the rights-holder of all the content used in the game and I give you the permission to upload, distribute and monetize it (put ads on the page that hosts it) on the website mentioned above. I reserve the right to withdraw from this agreement anytime by an e-mail saying so at The game shall then be taken down from the website within 72 hours. My username on SuperWerer, my developer name and if provided, a contact e-mail address must be provided on the official page containing the game. A donate URL by which users can donate to me should be included on that same page if provided. The game can be found as an attachment in this e-mail.

Here is the relevant information concerning the upload of the game:

SuperWerer username: [Your username on SuperWerer]
Artist name: [Your artist name]
Game's title: [Game's Title]
Game's genre: [Game's genre]
Contact e-mail address: [E-mail]
Donate URL (if you have one): [URL]

Some things to know:

- Graphics in the game are not allowed to contain real life people and/or real life visible faces
- If you don't have a donate URL, leave the donate URL bracket empty
- If you submit work that you are not the creator of, you can be permanently suspended from joining the Portal again (forum ban may also follow)

We are looking forward to hearing from you - if you have any questions feel free to post below :D
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at

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