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Join the staff - Become a Deputy

Post by SuperWerer » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:18 pm

Hey there everyone!

So earlier today we introduced the deputy rank, a new staff rank for those who wish to actively contribute towards improving the community, here's the announcement thread: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3594

If you are a chapter member or a beta tester, you can join the staff team as a deputy for a term. A term has a duration of 2 weeks. Upon applying for the rank, you will have to say to us on which expert field you want to contribute on. We will then provide you with some material to get started with and from there on you can use your creativity not only to use them, but also find new ways to improve what we are currently doing.

You will also have full access to mod's hall, the mods' sub-forum, moderating tools, the staff chat over in Discord and the option to live hear our staff meetings, in which you are invited to come over. You will also be able to vote among other staff members on matters regarding your expert field.

Since a term is for 2 weeks, you can then decide if you would like to return to your old rank or if you liked your time as a deputy to go into another term. After 2 terms, you are eligible to become a full moderator - an option if you really want to invest some time in this community.

Overall the deputy rank is for those who have some time to help build our community and improve our running projects, while still being able to enjoy what we offer with very little limitations and responsibility to carry. For each successful term you complete, you will get a deputy badge. If you ever want to retire and come back at a later stage, it's always possible!

Here is the expert field list, from which you have to select one item on which you will work upon in your term. Note that for each term you can select a different term, or go with the same one. You can also try a field that you have little knowledge on - we will help you!

Inviting users: This is an expert field for those who want to play an active role into growing our community. In this field you will be spending your time inviting users to the forums and answering their questions. There are a lot of resources to get you started here.
Inviting users for the Discord: Again, just as the one above you are inviting users, but in this expert field you only invite them to the Discord server. Again there are here some good resources to get you started. This has been a very successful expert field in the past that led to more than 100 users joining within a week.
Leading our Sub-reddit: This is also a very important expert field. It doesn't require any real knowledge on Reddit, as it's pretty easy to learn and we have tons of resources to get you started here. This expert field consists of 2 parts. 1) Getting users to discover our Sub-reddit and 2) Proposing ideas to improve our Sub-reddit in general. Task no. 2 can be skipped, but task no. 1 is the important one.
Leading the Wiki: This is fairly easy, but requires time. In this expert field you are working on the wiki, creating new pages and providing users with information on different topics. There are resources to get you started here as well.
Community Label Co-Supervisor: The main supervisor of the community label, the indie music distribution project of SuperWerer, is @Army of Aurora . But there is a need for a helping hand here. Your job here is to inform new users about the community label, answer their questions and ultimately to spread the word about it. Getting new artists on the community label is your job. We can help you to get started here as well.

If you have a suggestion for an expert field you would like doing that is currently not on the list and you would like doing, you can let Don or me know, maybe you can proceed with that one!

To apply, simply send a PM to either Don or me saying you would like to become a deputy and the expert field you wish to take over. If you have any questions, post below!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at

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