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Donations and ways to donate

Post by SuperWerer » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:10 pm

Hey there everyone,

As you might have seen we have reached 1/5 of what we need to get vBulletin and update our forum software!

Why do we want to get a new forum software?

PhpBB is good enough for a free forum software, but the development is slow, a lot of missing features are missing and most of the extensions/add-ons for PhpBB no longer work for the newer versions - partly due to a lack of extension developers to spend time working on and updating them.

The new forum software fixes A LOT plus adds flawless functionality for these new features:

- Groups (Create groups yourself, others can join, group-only discussions, etc.)
- Blogs (Blogs are a very special feature, different from normal topics, that are more designed for the individual user, to create different blog series, categorize them and more!)
- Improved profiles (Guaranteed flawless functionality and better design!)
- Better maintenance/Moderation/Administration features to help run the forums more efficiently

Unfortunately there is still a certain amount that has to be raised before we can get there, but with your help we can get there rather quickly!

We currently offer 3 ways to donate:

1) Paypal. To donate with Paypal, just go over here: app.php/donate and give in the amount of money you want to donate and then click on "Donate"! You will then be redirected to the Paypal page and you will need to verify the transaction there and that's it, done!

2) Patreon. To donate with Patreon you will need to go on our Patreon page over here: . You can then select one of our tiers (starting from $1) and proceed to donate with us with that amount on a monthly basis.

3) Streamlabs. To donate with Streamlabs head over here: . Give in the amount you want to donate, then the payment method and you're ready to go!

After you have carried out a donation, make sure to contact me or @DonJorge on here, so that we can make sure we know who was the user that donated to us - and we can reward you with the subscriber badge!

Note: With each monthly subscription you will get a new badge-grade - and the badge itself will change too!

After each donation I will be updating our progress bar over here, all the donations will go towards buying our new forum software: app.php/donate

If there's another way you would like to donate but is not listed above, feel free to suggest it below and we will definitely consider it!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at

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