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[Sell 1024p] Jon's Orchestall

Post by Jonathaj » Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:03 pm

Orchestall- - - Orchestall- - - Orchestall - - - Orchestall - - - Orchestall

Hello and welcome to my stall!

I can take (almost) any track and make an orchestral "remix" of it.
This takes alot of time and effort, because I want to make it good, hence the steep price.

Reference for my style: https://soundcloud.com/jonathaj/sagn

- It can be any track, not only your own (for example from a movie or something)
- The track needs to have distinguishable melodies present, else it's impossible to capture it. This limits the genre pool a bit.

I'll have to schedule the work properly, as I'm a busy man, but I'll prioritize this, so commissions should not take longer than two weeks since the request, at most.

Please don't hesitate to place an order, even if the original song might be a little weird, I will learn so much from this :mrgreen:
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