YouTube Content ID for community label submissions

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YouTube Content ID for community label submissions

Post by SuperWerer » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:16 pm

Hey everyone,

The last staff meeting on Sunday was among other things about expanding the features that the community label provides for independent artists. Considering that our main platform is YouTube for the community label, we passed a proposal (it's only a proposal) about using Youtube Content ID to protect the work of our artists from getting stolen by third parties and helping you get in control over what of your work is used on YouTube.

What is the current situation?

So currently you can make a track and you can upload it on Youtube, Soundcloud, Newgrounds, etc. In most cases your work will be downloadable and potential users who want to steal your work and present it as theirs can easily do that. To prevent this YouTube introduced the "Content ID" which basically checks if another video contains your audio/visual work and enables you to put a copyright claim on that video. But setting up the content ID for a rather smaller channel can be difficult as you need to apply for this feature and not every channel will get accepted.

So what does the community label offer?

When you send us a submission for the community label, you will be able (it's optional) to give us permission to copyright your track so that it's added to the protected work under the content ID. This doesn't mean that we own your track, but have your permission to copyright it for the content ID, as long as you wish us to. The agreement will mention your right to draw back from this agreement and that we have 72 hours to fulfill your request. (Just like a normal submission).

This way we can put a copyright claim on the video containing your work in behalf of you, with you as the artist having nothing to worry about when it comes to stolen content and we "guarding" your work on YouTube.

Furthermore we are able to "whitelist" videos that have fallen under our copyright claim. For example if you want to have multiple distributors for your work or upload them yourself, it is possible since we can whitelist these videos once they get spotted.

What are the pros?

- We can protect your work on YouTube and prevent users from stealing it
- We can later on monetize the videos that have fallen under the copyright claim for you (you will get the revenue)
- The burden of guarding your work on YouTube is completely lifted, since we will do it for you
- You can choose to have this or not. It is optional.

And the cons?

- If you want your work to be universally use-able by others without your explicit permission, then this is not for you

Note: Already submitted tracks WILL NOT be affected by this since we don't have permission to do that. If you have an older track of yours that got uploaded before this was introduced you can still give us permission to put it under the content ID with a separate permission e-mail. (Contact me for more info)
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Post by Sub001 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:58 am

This is a good idea!

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